Stockholm Open

Tävlingstyp GP
Tävlingsklass Öppna
Arrangör Björkhagen Rangers
Datum och tid 11 januari 2020 (10:00 - 19:00)
Ort Stockholm
Tävlingslokal Scandic Ariadne (visa karta)
Deltagare 50 st
Länkar Resultatsida

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Stockholm Open is back, organized by Stockholms leading table hockey club Björkhagen Rangers. 

We welcome all Swedish and international players to this level 4 Grand Prix tournament on the Swedish Tour.

Open class only. Swedish table hockey rules / tournament regulations apply.

Starting time: 10:00 (first match begins)

Preliminary Schedule:

08:30 venue opens for warm up. Check-in starts

09:30 Check-in Closes and information

10:00 Basic Groups (3 Groups)

12:15 Lunch

13:15 Final and placement Groups (24 players to final group, the rest to one placement Group)

15:30 Round of 16

16:30 Quarterfinals

17:30 Semifinals

18:30 Final

(Playoff B will be played at the same time as Playoff A)

Play off 21 games will be used with the new pucks

Tournament Responsible: Gustaf Hermansson 0707657982

Committee of Referees: Jakob Jonsson, Peter Östlund, Henrik Nilsson


Playing system

There will be 3 basic groups and 24 players (top 8 in each group) will advance to final group.

The remaining players will advance to placement group.

The results from mutual matches between players from the same Basic Groups will count in the Final Group and in the placement group

Top 16 in the final group will go to play off best of seven.

Top eight in the placement group will go to play off B best of five.

Trophies to top 4 players in playoff A and Winner of playoff B.

No bronze matches (A and B playoff)


Stockholm Open takes place at the hotel where Swedish Masters was held in February 2019: Scandic Ariadne in the Värtahamnen harbour.

The hotel offers accommodation and lunch (see updated info below) and is located close to the Stockholm Subway (station Gärdet), buses and the Tallink Silja Line ferries from Tallinn (Estonia), Helsinki and Turkku (Finland) and Riga (Latvia)


Sign up here or send an email (including Full name, Country and ITHF-ID) to gustaf.hermansson[at] if you want to participate. Please don't hesitate to contact us on the same address if you have any questions

Starting fee is SEK 200 / EUR 20 for adults and SEK 50 / EUR 5 for juniors /kids.

Last day to sign up is Wednesday January 8. Payment latest at the venue (Swedes can use Swish 0707657982 if possible) during check-in, before the tournament starts.

Non licenced Swedish players must also pay licence fee (SEK 100) before the tournament starts. Juniors and players who have never
been licensed before pay only 20 SEK. Also, you have the possibility of purchasing a "One-time-license" (20 SEK) if this is the only tournament in the Swedish Tour you will be playing this season.

You can pay to us and we will handle the payment to SBHF.

Lunch will be served at the hotel restaurant, same offer as on Swedish Masters 2019, if you have booked in advance

You who have ordered lunch will pay me by swish 0707657982 or cash (SEK 129/person) in advance or latest at the registration before tournament starts.

You will get a lunch voucher which you "pay" with when you enter the restaurant. This way the lunch procedure will be very quick and we keep the break short and can continue playing.

Please note that you can not order lunch yourselves at the restaurant. You need to have booked lunch in advance and get the ticket from me.

(Lunch restaurant is normally closed on Saturadays, which is why we need to order in advance)

The lunch served is: Beef patties ("Pannbiff", 100 % beef) with onion gravy, mashed potato and lingonberry jam.

Served on buffet including salad, bread, beverage and something sweet after the meal

Special food (vegetarian/vegan/other) can be arranged if requetested in advance.

Last day to order lunch was Tuesday January 7. It is no longer possible to order lunch.

Water, soda, candy and limited supply of sandwiches are available to buy in the hotel shop.

Hotel Accomodation:

If you are interested in staying at Hotel Scandic Ariadne, they offer a special deal for table hockey players:

Persons in the room / price per room and night:

1                           SEK 790

2                           SEK 890

3                           SEK 1090

4                           SEK 1290

(incl tax and breakfast)

NOTE: This offer is only valid if you book directly with hotel Ariadne:

Use booking reference: 47196870 (or mention that you will be playing Stockholm Open / table hockey)

If you want this deal, you can not use the central room booking or book via Scandic's website.


We want to thank our main sponsor Stiga Sports



Se resultatsidan för tabeller och matcher.

Plac Namn Klubb Poäng
1. Joakim Lundin United Stars 663
2. Björn Svedman Björkhagen Rangers 649
3. Thomas Petersson 643
David Nordström DAJM 643
5. Olof Blume Björkhagen Rangers 635
6. Markus Nilsson Spjass Invaders 629
7. Herman Steen Umeå HSS 619
8. Hugo Lönnqvist DAJM 608
9. Peter Östlund Umeå HSS 594
10. Lars Fridell Björkhagen Rangers 581
11. Emil Larsson Umeå HSS 571
12. Matti Månsson Avantgarde Lund 563
13. Fredric Axelsson Spjass Invaders 558
14. Patrik Hellström United Stars 552
15. Bjarne Axelsen Bjorkhagen Rangers 540
16. Truls Månsson Björkhagen Rangers 528
17. Anton Jalneskog Bröderna Grym 513
18. Marcus Andersson Umeå HSS 501
19. Johan Yrlid BH Chiefs BH 491
20. Stefan Lemming United Stars 475
21. Henrik Nilsson Tegelhuset OBK 463
22. Anders Pettersson Tegelhuset OBK 448
23. Jerry Wikström United Stars 435
24. Gustaf Hermansson Björkhagen Rangers 425
25. Björn Ingevaldsson Björkhagen Rangers 414
26. Joakim Åström Umeå HSS 404
27. Robin Westergren 3Tuna Bordshockey 393
28. Eddie Nilsson Tegelhuset OBK 382
29. Simon Thomas Big Band 372
30. Jakob Jonsson Björkhagen Rangers 355
31. Anna Holmström Umeå HSS 338
32. Tomas Rybing Björkhagen Rangers 319
33. Magnus Kyllergård Björkhagen Rangers 294
34. Pasi Moisander Talpelan Taiga 278
35. Eskil Persson Björkhagen Rangers 266
36. Oskar Lampinen 249
37. Wilhelm Pössl Tegelhuset OBK 238
38. Sissie Wikström United Stars 222
39. Thony Restel Kaeltestarre 83 202
40. Vladimir Sharf Ekaterinburg 176
41. Urban Edmundsson Umeå HSS 129
42. Noel Ulfvensjö Tegelhuset OBK 87
43. Gustaf Silfwerbrand 48
44. Lars Ulfvensjö Tegelhuset OBK 22
45. Susanna Pössl FC Europe Juniors 17
46. Anders Elfvinge SJ Västerås 11
47. Rikard Nässelkvist Björkhagen Rangers 6
48. Alexander Fersman Björkhagen Rangers 4
49. Eric Bjurenstam Björkhagen Rangers 2
50. Rosanna Johansson 1